What is a Username? How is it different from my log in information?

Recently we've updated some things on LeagueSafe to conform with our global parent company (SportsHub Technologies) and some of their account requirements.

The most notable change so far for LeagueSafe customers is the addition of a "username."

As of right now, the username does little more than greet you at the onset of your LeagueSafe account experience. In the future it will be your public-facing screen name on other platforms if you choose to participate in those sites/applications, such as Fanball, CDM Sports or NFFC/NFBC.

If you are an existing account-holder on LeagueSafe, you will be asked to create a username if you haven't yet. Currently there is an "@" sign in that field, just type your username after that.

We do require that the username is unique to our site. We can only have one person with the username "Jerry" so if you too attempt to be known as Jerry, the system will reject your username because it's already in the system. We're well past that Jerry.

Usernames are limited to alpha-numeric characters (A-Z, 0-9) and you cannot use symbols or spaces in your username. Usernames are not case-sensitive.

The following usernames would work:

  • Ghostbuster29
  • FunklinDRoosevelt
  • 21Blackjack21
  • Catbreath2006

The following usernames would not work:

  • Steve Miller Band LuvR (spaces are not allowed)
  • (the @ and . characters are not allowed)
  • Gangster-of-love (the hyphens don't work either)

You don't need to do anything else with this username information as of now. You can still log in using your email address, or by logging in with Facebook, Google or Twitter. Nothing else has changed.

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