My e-check payment is still pending, but funds have left my bank account and I'm not listed as "paid"

Issue: You've made a payment to a league using an e-check, but you're not shown as paid as of yet.

It's likely that your payment is seen as pending within your league. You would see that by seeing a pending amount next to your name on the LeagueSafe league roster.

E-checks take on average four to five business days (not including weekends or holidays) to clear the bank on both sides of the transaction. We have to wait until our bank gives the "all-clear" before we can change the status from "pending" to "paid."

It's not unusual for the funds to be removed from the user's bank before the payment is reflected on LeagueSafe. Barring some sort of error during the transaction process (a mistyped account or routing number, for example), the payment will clear within four to five business days. Keep in mind that the waiting period won't start until the following business day for payments made after normal business hours or on weekends.

What can you do?
In a vast majority of cases all you need to do is wait until the payment clears. You would be notified by LeagueSafe via email if your payment fails for any reason.

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