Why did I receive a payment reminder email?

League commissioners have the option of activating our "Autonag" feature, which authorizes LeagueSafe to send periodic emails to unpaid league owners. It's a convenient and time-saving feature our commissioners love, because they don't have to continuously nag unpaid owners. If you received an email like this from LeagueSafe, it means a commissioner has added you as an owner in his/her league, and they are requesting that you pay your entry fee.

The payment reminder email is not a bill - it's simply your league commish requesting that you pay the entry fee for a fantasy league you are participating in.

Autonag emails are sent with increasing frequency as your league's payment deadline approaches. These emails can be stopped by making a payment to your league or having your league commissioner disable the feature. If you'd like the commissioner to stop the Autonag emails, we encourage you to reach out to your commish directly.

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