What is a Season Payment Deadline? What is a League Payment Deadline?

The Season Payment Deadline is the latest date a payment deadline can be set for a specific season type. It is also the default League Payment Deadline for your chosen fantasy sport & season (unless changed by your commissioner). This deadline is determined by LeagueSafe, and is usually set a week or two into the regular season.

Optionally, commissioners can choose to move their League Payment Deadline up, if, for example, they require payment prior to your league's draft or before the season starts. The League Deadline can be modified as many times as the commissioner would like, but can never be pushed out later than the Season Deadline.

This is an important distinction, as our updated refund policy within our Terms of Service requires that all refund requests made by league members after the League Payment Deadline must be approved by the commissioner. This is to protect commissioners from owners who have a bad draft or whose teams perform poorly removing their funds from the league.

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