My credit card keeps getting declined!

LeagueSafe’s site security is tighter than most, and as a result, we run extra validations on each transaction. As a result, sometimes minor inconsistencies will stop a transaction from going through. 

Here are the most common issues if your credit card is being declined.

1. We only accept credit cards that participate in AVS services. If your bank is outside of the United States or Canada, your card will be declined.

2. The most common declined transaction we see is an address mismatch. Either the address and postal code that you type in when making your credit card payment must match EXACTLY (each character and space) with what your bank/credit card has on file.

If you recently moved or have not updated your address at your bank, this is normally the issue when a transaction is declined.

Canadian members: Check your postal code. Some banks include a space in the middle of your characters, some don't. Just copy what your bank has on file.

3. Your name and account number do not match.

Declined credit card transactions can carry a pending charge on your account. However, if LeagueSafe declines the payment, no funds will be transferred, and the pending charge will drop off of your account (usually in 3-4 days, but it depends on how quickly your bank reconciles the transactions).


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