What are my payout options?

LeagueSafe offers Members a variety of methods for the payout of funds.  The costs associated with each of these options are outlined below...

Virtual Visa Prepaid Card (Tango Card)

  • Winners get a prepaid Visa card through Tango prepaid cards
  • Claim code is delivered in an email from Tango
  • Once you click the redeemable link it directs you to Tango's website where you can choose to receive a physical card mailed to you (at a cost of $3.00), or a virtual card to use online (that is free)
  • Once this transaction is processed and the funds leave the Fanball Wallet system, we cannot do anything to change, alter or help with the prepaid cards
  • You can contact the Tango prepaid card customer service by the following methods.
    • Phone Monday — Friday
    • 7:30am — 5:00pm PT
    • 1 (877) 558-2646
    • (Messages will be answered in one business day)
    • Email Customer Service:

Gift Card Option (also administered through Tango)

  • Much like the prepaid Visa, users get a claim code to select a gift card via an email
  • Click the claim code and are sent to Tango’s website where they can select one of dozens of gift cards (Amazon, Best Buy, etc.)
  • Again, we can’t help with funds once they leave the system. Tango's customer support (listed above) is your best option.

Printable E-Check (Deluxe) COST $3.00

  • This is a paper check that a user can print from their own printer
  • The delivery of said check comes in the form of an email from the Deluxe corporation
  • The check is written out in US currency
  • User receives a file and can print and cash the check at most banks
  • Be aware that there are a handful of US banks that won’t accept these checks

Paper Check (in the mail) COST $4.00

  • This is a paper check that is delivered via the US Postal Service
  • Paper checks are processed on the next business day (if you make a paper check withdrawal on Friday, it will mail out on Monday).
  • It usually takes about 7 days for a paper check to reach a member in the US
  • It normally takes an extra week to reach Canadian members
  • We do not have the ability to track the whereabouts of mailed paper checks










Electronic Transfer (ACH) COST $5.00

  • This is an electronic transfer to a US bank account, these transactions cannot be performed internationally
  • It usually takes 4-5 days for the transfer to complete
  • This payout method is only available to members who only use LeagueSafe

Hint: if you use Fanball, CDM or NFC you can receive ZERO FEE WITHDRAWALS FOR LIFE.

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