What are the fees on LeagueSafe?

You can use LeagueSafe completely for free from start to finish, however we do have some premium options that do incur fees.

Payments in to a League
LeagueSafe offers two league payment (paying in to your league balance) options: Free (E-Check only) and Flexible (Credit/Debit Card, & E-check). They are distinguished as follows:

FLEXIBLE: Allows Members to make payments via e-check, credit or debit card. All transaction types require a 4% convenience fee.
FREE: Allows Members to make payments via e-check ONLY. There is no fee associated with the processing of the transaction.

The originating league Member (“Commissioner”) will choose which payment setting will be available for all league Members. Commissioners can alter this setting back and forth at any time in the League Settings tab.

Please note, that if a commissioner chooses to allow late payments in a league and someone makes their payment after the league deadline a $10 late fee will be charged on top of the payment amount. If you pay prior to your league's payment deadline you will not be charged a late fee.

Requesting a Payout from LeagueSafe
Tango prepaid virtual Visa card - FREE
Gift card to hundreds of different stores - FREE
Printable E-check (print a paper check yourself) $3.00

Standard Paper Check (processed and mailed next business day) $4.00
Electronic Balance Transfer (formerly called e-check) $5.00

Hint: If you play games on one of our other fantasy sports products (Fanball, MFL10s, CDM Sports or NFFC/NFBC) you do not pay fees withdrawal.

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