How do I get my winnings out of LeagueSafe?

Before a member has access to winnings, the league commissioner first has to allocate the funds to the winning member(s).


That's got to happen first. If your commissioner has not done that yet, contact your league commissioner and urge him to assign the winners in your LeagueSafe league.


When a commissioner assigns winnings to a member here's what happens.

1. The funds are transferred to the winners' Fanball Wallet balance.

2. Each WINNING member receives an email detailing that they've won funds (good for you!) and given instructions on how to request a payout.

We do not automatically send winnings out to people. Checks are not auto-mailed. Funds are not automatically sent to checking accounts or credit cards. There's a ton of issues with that, information and bank accounts change, maybe people want to use their balance to pay for another league, maybe they want to save funds in their LeagueSafe balance for a rainy day or the zombie apocalypse.


With that in mind, here's how you get your money out of your LeagueSafe account.

1. Log in to your LeagueSafe account, make sure that you are using the correct email/account to log in. Quite often when people can't find their balance, it's often because they are using a different email or possibly their Facebook login.

2. Once you log in if there are funds in your balance, you will see your Fanball Wallet balance on your dashboard (when logging in on a computer using the full site).

3. Next to that, you will see an orange button that says REQUEST A PAYOUT. Bang your mouse on that button.

4. Once you do that you will be transferred to the Fanball Wallet to make your withdrawal request. You’ll notice a couple things on this screen:

  • Your Fanball Wallet balance, which is your combined balance of Fanball DFS games, LeagueSafe, CDM Sports games and NFC winnings (you can withdraw any portion of this balance at any time, $5.00 minimum)
  • The withdraw button (that’s how you get money out)
  • The deposit funds button (if someone wanted to add a whole bunch of money to their Fanball Wallet and make a payment for LeagueSafe leagues, they can now do that here).
  • If you have any saved credit cards on file
  • If you’ve filed your 1099 (for those who have won over $599 on any contest entity like Fanball, CDM or NFC).


5. Select the amount you wish to withdraw, your payout method and make sure that you confirm and complete the transaction. You should also instantly receive an email confirming your transaction and giving you that transaction number.

If you have further questions, please open a ticket with our help desk.


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