Can people outside the United States use LeagueSafe?

At this time LeagueSafe can only accept credit cards from banks that meet our security standards. Nearly all card companies in the United States are accepted.

Most banks in Canada also participate in something called Account Verification Services, which is a crucial fraud prevention measure that we require banks and card companies to participate in order to accept payments. Bottom line, if your bank is in Canada, chances are that you will have no issue making a payment to LeagueSafe with your credit card.

Members from Canada are required to make their payments using a credit card. E-checks are not an accepted payment method outside the US.

Members outside of the US or Canada cannot make direct payments to LeagueSafe at this time.

Some international customers have had success purchasing prepaid debit/credit cards issued by United States-based banks, but the results have been inconsistent so we can't recommend any specific options in that area. We apologize for this inconvenience - if you are in a league with mostly US-based participants, you may need to find a different way to pay a member of your league, at which time they would be able to pay into LeagueSafe on your behalf.

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