My league charges for transactions, how do I assign those fees?

We do offer a system to make transaction fee payments into our site, but it's not a "pay as you go" system. You'd have to pay in additional fees at the end of the season.

At the end of the year, the commissioner can manually enter the amount of additional fees on the Assign Winners page. These post-season payments carry no fee.

Most league hosting sites offer the ability to track transactions, and even assign a fee to them; we suggest you use your league software to do so.

This is how leagues account for transaction fees on LeagueSafe:

1. Have your hosting site track the transactions. Alternatively, you can manually track your league's transactions.
2. At the end of the season, once allocations have been made available, you can add fees on the Assign Winners page. Click Assign Winners.
3. Once you click the tab, you'll see a button/link that will allow you to add in additional fees, click on that.
4. Once you click that link you will be taken to our classic allocation page which has a column for the amount each player owes and a column that you can enter in how much a player won. It works best to enter both at one time.
5. For example, if John won $200 but owes $44 in transaction fees, you enter both amounts in the correct columns (enter $200 in John's winnings column and $44 in his additional fees column). The system will net out his winnings (we do the math!), so John would be awarded $156.

Also, if Bob won $20, but owes $32 in transactions, the system would prompt Bob to pay in his remaining $12 in fees.

NOTE: You are limited to paying an extra 25% of the total pre-deadline payments at the end of the season. If your league paid in $1000 in entry fees before the payment deadline, the system would limit your league to paying an extra $250.

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