I want to charge my members a deposit for future league entry fees.

It is possible to make payments for future league entry fees on LeagueSafe.

There are two options:

Option A: You can renew your current league to a future season.

In most leagues we offer the ability to roll over a season to a future league well before you can create a brand new league within our system. For instance, if you wanted to account for fees for both your NFL 2016 and NFL 2017 season, you would do the following:

1. Log-in to your 2016 NFL league
2. Click the Renew League button at the top of the page
3. Follow the instructions and set up a league for the future season

Please note: when you set up a future league, you will have the ability to set your payment deadline to a time well into the future if you choose, but your allocation time within those leagues is also well into the future.

Also note: you can only renew a league once! Make sure that you are careful in setting up all options at the time, including if you want to roll funds over to your new league. You get one shot at this.

Option B (this can only be done prior to a payment deadline in your league): You can overpay into your current league and roll the balance over at the end of the year.

1. Set your entry fee for your current season (in this example let's say it's $100)
2. If you require a payment for a future year, you can do one of two things:
   -A. Adjust your entry fee within the League Settings tab to account for the payment. (if you wanted to charge 50% of the next year's fee, you would alter your $100 entry fee to $150).
   -B. Instruct owners to overpay for the subsequent year. (You can always make over-payments into a LeagueSafe league.)
3. At the end of the season, roll over the balance of your future league payment to a new season of your league by clicking the Renew League button. (If you had each member in your 10-team league pay in $50 for next year's season, you would have an amount of $500 to roll over to your new season). This does require a bit of math on the part of the commissioner.

Note about this option: When you roll over funds, it does NOT assign payments against a member, it rolls over a lump sum of funds for the league. So if your entry fee in the new league is $50, it will show that your member owes $50 (even if they paid last season). However, it's possible that you can use that option to make your payment one year ahead of time. (e.g. pay for your 2018 dues a year ahead in the 2017 league).

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