I was not given commissioner control as a payout option in my league during setup

We adapted some payout rules to make shorter turnaround leagues safer for all involved.

Here's the scoop:

All short turnaround leagues (College Bowl, NFL Playoffs, March Madness) are now classified as office pools. The office pool designation does two things.

1. It automatically makes the payout rule "Majority Approval."
2. It shortens the window for approval from 7 days to 2 days.

What this does is gives each owner a chance to verify that the commissioner is allocating funds properly. If over half of your paying league members approve the allocation, it will move the money instantly.

If you are unable to get enough members to pass the vote on a majority, the vote will expire in just 48 hours. At that time, the allocation will pass or fail based on the votes already cast. The commissioner's vote is assumed to be a YES vote, so even if nobody else in the league bothers to vote, the allocation will pass by a margin of 1 (YES) to 0 (NO) when it expires.

We hope you understand the change, we thought long and hard about it and we think it's a good change for all involved.

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