Where is my Electronic Bank Transfer?

Electronic transfer payouts usually take 3-4 business days to fully process to your account once LeagueSafe processes them on our end. About 99% of them do process in that time frame, but on occasion we've seen them take an extra day.

Please note the following:

*A business day is considered a weekday (holidays and weekends are not business days). Business days aren't arbitrarily assigned by LeagueSafe, but by the mighty banking industry.

*Electronic transfer payout requests made after 12:00pm CT are processed by LeagueSafe on the NEXT business day.
---Which means if you made a withdrawal request on Tuesday at 2:00pm it will not process on our end until Wednesday.
---If you made your request on Friday at 2:00pm, it will not process until Monday.
---Check to see what time you made your withdrawal request, if it was after NOON CT, it didn't process on our end until the next day, that's when your 3-4 business day clock starts.

*There's nothing we can do to make the process faster. We are at the mercy of the banking industry on this one. Unless you've received an email that your transaction has failed, please feel confident that the funds are on the way.

*Your bank account most likely will not show an incoming or pending payment. It usually won't, but people ask us this question a lot.

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